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Concordia RHP Signs with the Kings

JT Hockers is originally from Middleton, Wisconsin.

At the age of 4 JT refused to play tee ball. So what did he do? Well he played up with the big kids in coach pitch. As every young kid was, JT would kick around dirt and pick dandelions, but then something clicked at a young age and he was as locked in as you can get. He would compete harder than everyone else, take leadership on his teams and this is where he took off with the game of baseball. Fast forward a few years and we find a very pivotal moment in JT’s career, when transferring from a small town team on the east side of Green Bay to a big D1 powerhouse team as a freshmen, he was pushed harder than ever before, he was seeing the best competition he’s ever seen. He did what he did best though, he kept his composure, stayed true to himself meaning he played within his limits. This time of his life proved to be the most important in his life. Because of this time he is now a leader on a very talented team that’s competing for the state title this year. JT is also one of five total college commits on his team and has proved to be a threat to anyone he comes across. He does not quit or give in no matter how tough the competition gets.



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